Tuesday, June 17, 2008

We're Still Here!!!!!!

I know it seems like we've fallen off of the face of the earth - but we're still here! We've been super busy, as always, but for real this time. We've taken a trip to Idaho to see Aunt Liz get married - yea Liz! - meet Baby Cooper, took a mini -vacation, gotten a pet, and lost teeth. . .
I just love this picture of Cooper - it was surreal to meet him and to spend time with him. He is so adorable. On a side note - we are thrilled that he is home and recuperation and doing better.

Aunt Liz's wedding was so fun - it was great to meet the family she married into and know that she will be well taken care of. You looked beautiful Liz! I love the picture of you two. . .

We loved taking our annual trip to Idaho for the summer. We are so excited that Aunt Liz got married and that we got to be there! While we were there, we were lucky enough to do our favorite Idaho activities. Riding Cooper, Daddy playing golf, and going to Silverwood. Crazy enough, Jax was tall enough to ride the roller coasters this year! He had a blast and was so brave - I had to take his picture. . . Thanks for your help Aunt Liz!

She finally did it. Addie actually lost her first tooth - her bottom one - in Idaho. She let cousin Paige take it out while we were at the temple. This top tooth was SOOO loose and just hanging there for at least a week. Matt and I kept trying to convince her to let us take it out but she wouldn't have it. So what a shock to us when she came to Matt on Father's Day morning before church and shyly told him that her father's day present to him was to let him take her tooth out. . . She was so proud of herself but I think her Dad was the most excited of the two. Sheepishly, the tooth fairy forgot to come that night- so we quickly came up with the reason that the tooth fairy only comes at a certain time each night and if you aren't in bed - she has to wait and come another night. (Addie had a late night that night). So she went to bed as early as she could last night to make sure the Tooth fairy could come - I felt so lame for forgetting! Let's just say I was really tired. . .

We finally took the leap and got our kids a pet. . . A cat which looks oddly like the cat we had in Idaho. . . . which also explains why this cat's name is also Cowboy. One day last week I told Matt that I was feeling bad because I thought our kids would adore having a pet and I knew the only reason we didn't have one was me. I just didn't want to take care of a 4th, I mean 5th with Matt :), child. So, we sat Addie and Jax down and discussed the amount and type of work a cat brings and they agreed to do the work. They LOVE him. That cat gets the most attention of any cat I have ever seen. I've been really proud of Gray because he is so soft with him. I actually think it's been really good for Gray to have this little kitten in our house.
Addie takes care of feeding Cowboy and cleaning the kitty litter in the morning and Jax does it at night. Our kids are doing SOOO good and are in heaven. Cowboy has really taken to Addie and the two of them stick together. He meows for her when he can't find her - it is adorable. All three of them love him, but Addie was really ready for this. Can you see that she made him a "moses basket" Cassie? She carries him through the house - sounds like anyone else we know?

Our summer has finally come! We are never home because we go swimming every day, seriously. In the morning we go to the gym and sometimes soccer camp for Jax and then right after lunch we head to Seven Peaks. I love it - my kids are exhausted at bedtime. It's perfect. Anyway - Hope your summer is going awesome!