Friday, May 23, 2008

Bloody nose on my feet

Not that this has anything to do with anything. But as I was sitting here working on this Gray came running inside upset and said that he had a bloody nose on his feet. . . Who knew that was possible? This would be about 20 minutes after I sent him outside because he was making goldfish cracker mush in the living room by pouring his goldfish crackers into a big pile on the coffee table and then pouring his water cup over them. As if that wasn't enough, then he needed to mush them altogether with his hands - like kneading dough. And as if THAT isn't enough to teach me patience, earlier today I was returning something at Costco and Gray swore he would be good if I let him walk. Guess what happened - he darted into the entrance telling me that I couldn't catch him with a devilish laugh over and over again. I literally had to run and catch him - and when I did he let out a bloody murder scream as if I was beating his butt- boy would I like to. . . . Anyone want to borrow a 2 year old today, or for the next month or so?

Broken - Again. . .

That's right. Jax did it again. Second window in one year. Last time it was a baseball that broke it and this time a golf ball. He actually really did feel awful about it. He said he was trying not to golf at the fence. So what's left really? Of course the window. . . . Matt was great about it and didn't get mad. Just sat him down and talked about actions and consequences and how even though it was an accident - there still needed to be consequences for breaking a window - thus the hiatus from the golf clubs for a while. They're under the house for a while. Thank goodness for other sports!

It's that time of year for us - time to get in the water. My little family LOVES the water. We get passes to 7 peaks in the summer and go every day - seriously. But, being the nervous mom that I am - I have the kids that are old enough take swimming lessons right before summer starts so that they remember what to do in the water. I have come to the conclusion that my kids are fish. They love their lessons even though they are freezing. This picture of Jax is so funny to me because he was having a blast but his face never showed it. He can't wait for his next lesson but when he gets there he looks miserable. Go figure.

This year it's just Addie and Jax in lessons - so while their lesson is happening I take Gray in the water myself. This really just means that he jumps in from the side at any given time and mom had better be ready to catch him. He ALWAYS yells cannonball first so at least I've got a warning. Last time he wore bright neon green goggles on his face and refused to take them off the whole time. He looked hilarious.

Look at that skinny boy - I swear we feed him, really!

Monday, May 12, 2008

She Did It!!!!!!

SHE DID IT!!!!!!

Well, she did it. The infamous dance recital was this past weekend and Addie did it! She was actually really excited and had the time of her life. I now have a better appreciation for the time that Abby spends during this week at the dance hall. We were there on Thursday from 3:30-7:00 for dress rehearsal, Friday from 5:30-9:00 and three different times on Saturday. It was so worth it. Seeing the proud and happy face on Addie this weekend made it all worth it.

Since Addie and I were so busy this weekend Matt took the boys to a ward father-son outing which was supposed to be an overnight camping trip. But, since it was supposed to rain Matt brought the boys home and camped in the backyard. I think Jax had much more fun than Matt did. . . dedicated Dad :). See the picture above? I couldn't get it to move where I wanted it. . . Oops. Matt was really a trooper and took over for me around the house and with the boys this weekend. You rock babe.

Here are some pics from this weekend -

This little girl is Addie's dancing partner, at one point during her dance they do a little part together. Addie loved her. . .

Loving her time with the cousins - of course. . .

It's hard to tell but Addie is the girl on the far right - with attitude.

I have to admit - a little part of me was worried that she would get scared but . . . as you can see, that did not happen. This weekend was a fantastic experience. It was so awesome to see her totally out of her shell and having a blast on that stage. I am always proud of my kids - but to see her completely overcome her fear and to have a blast was a very proud mommy moment for me.

Like the pose? A little too natural for her. :)

Thanks to Uncle Naki for the candy lei - it's been eaten already! - and to Uncle Rex and fam for the flowers. We had so much fun hanging out with you guys this weekend! P.S. - Since we spent so much time there on Saturday, I didn't get any dinner. So the highlight of my night was when my awesome husband showed up with Wendy's, my favorite (the baconator) for me at the end of the last recital. Thanks babe!

So now that recital week is over - our little family now moves on to swimming lessons 3 times a week and tball. AND - since dance was so successful Addie has now decided she wants to try soccer too! Slowly but surely we'll get this girl out of her shell. She is having the time of her life. . .

Till later . . .

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Jax is finally 4! He has been waiting so long for this day. I have too - he promised me that as soon as he turned 4 I didn't have to help him eat his meals or carry him when his legs are tired- will see if that promise sticks :). He/we had a very busy day for his birthday. On my kids birthdays they get to pick all of the meals, have some type of a family event, something with one friend AND alone time with Mom and Dad.

So this is how it went down. First, after he woke up we IMMEDIATELY had to open presents. . . then cinnamon rolls for breakfast. A couple of hours on the WII with his new MLB game playing with his friend Jackson Arthur. Then, lunch at Chili's with Mom and Dad (which rocked by the way). Then a trip to Jump On It ( a big room full of blow ups and trampolines) with his friend Jarret, finally a nap, and then a softball game at the park with family, including extended and cake and ice cream. He, of course, picked a baseball cake. For you guys who know me you know that I so much prefer to buy something or pay someone to make things for me so we ordered a yummy cake from Costco. Anyway - it was an awesome day. When we asked him what his favorite part of the day was, he just smiled and said "all of it." We feel so lucky to have him, we did, in fact, try for 3 years to get him here. So his birthdays are really special for us. . . . Please look and make sure you see the picture of pregnant Abby at bat - she had an awesome hit too!
P.S. Addie hit the ball! She let Matt pitch to her that night and hit the ball EVERY time to her surprise. I am so proud of her for stepping up to the plate!

Some things I love about the pictures - Jax in all of his NYY glory. The hat, the jersey, the sign, you name it. The boys around the cake - on the Brousseau side there are 15 grandkids and only 4 are girls. . . Jax loves it when the boys all get together and play sports. So to see all of those boys crowded around the cake for him was a special moment for me.

Okay, the next two pictures don't go together but when I was looking for the family one I saw Gray's and couldn't help myself - I had to post it. He is trying to make a mean face. I see that face a lot - right after he says something to me like "you get in here, right now mom!" So fierce Gray. The family picture was at a softball game last week - thought my toes were going to fall off we were so cold. I nice woman brought a tarp and set it up on the end of the bleachers so stop the wind but still - freezing. Naki and Junior showed up wearing shorts - Let's just say it was a night to remember.

Well, an awesome trip from Grandpa & Grandma Davis and Uncle Tim has come and gone. We miss them already. My kids loved showing them their house and the fun things that they like to do. Congrats to Line for choosing to be baptized. That was so much fun to watch and to see the joy on her face - also great to hear Abby's testimony that day. Anyway, here are a couple of pictures from sweet Grandpa who took the time to work with Jax on baseball. They worked on hitting and pitching and cute Dad held onto the little tball bat to hit the ball for Jax. Jax was in heaven. He told me later how cool it was that he has a Grandpa that will play ball with him. . . . Love you Dad.