Friday, September 26, 2008

Phones Changing. . .

Hey - Matt's work changed his phone service from Sprint to T-Mobile. As a result - my number is also changing. . . . If you are one of those people who calls me on my cell phone - call me in the next couple of days and I'll give you my new number!!!!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Cooking. . . .

Okay - bear with me. I love to cook but get stumped about creating new ideas myself. It intimidates me. . . So - I found this blog from an amazing lady who is so fun to read. She has won awards etc., for her recipes and I love her stuff. So - look on the side of my blog for Picky Palate and peruse through her blog. You will LOVE it!!!! Down the left side (further down) is kind of a table of contents to help you look for foods/dishes in certain categories. You HAVE to try the Buttery Cinnabun Cake. It rocks. Later!

what the heck?

Okay - quote of the day -

Jax was standing up and rolling his neck around and popped it. . . turned and looked at me with a shocked look on his face and said,
"what the heck? did you hear the fireworks in my neck?"

Fireworks indeed Jax . . . . .

1st rule - Look both ways

Not much to say - Matt was trying to teach the boys to look both ways . . . Jax paid attention and Gray?

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Gray's Birthday

It finally happened - Gray turned 3. We had a blast. One thing I remember from when I was little was that we got to choose what we wanted to eat on our birthday. Gray chose - Krispy Kremes, Candy Corn, Chips, Oreos and Animal Crackers (the ones with white and pink frosting all over them. . . ). What a healthy day. :)

A funny tidbit about Gray - he HATES to get his hands dirty when he's eating. So when he eats doughnuts - he wants them cut up into pieces. See his gourmet breakfast? He loved it. We were lucky to have the Moore's at our house the night before for a sleepover and then to come to the zoo with us later. I'm pretty sure Gray thought they were there just for him. . . .

Before heading to the zoo we had a soccer game for Jax at 9:30. Gray figured out that putting candy corn pumpkins in his mouth it makes his cheeks stick out funny. Remember - he's eating candy at 9:30 in the morning. . . he couldn't have been happier.
The zoo was sooo much fun. Although it was crowded it was a blast. We rode the merry-go-round (Gray rode Po - the Kung Fu Panda). We rode the train and and then went and saw their favorite animals - the big cats. Especially the BYU cougar! Go Cougars. . . Although they aren't in the pictures we had Grandma Brousseau and the Moore's with us. Thanks for coming guys!

Look at that cougar! Jax kept trying to make the cougar sound - you know, the one you hear at the games?

This picture was just cool. I don't normally take pictures of animals at the zoo but this tiger was so active and just massive that day.
The boys loved this cheetah. It just kept pacing back and forth in front of their window. It was at their eye level - I swear they locked eyes with it every time. Every time it would walk in front of them they would get all tense but excited. Very cute.

Here's what I'm talking about. The cheetah behind her is looking right at her. Let's not tell her - it might freak her out a little bit. . .

Family birthday party on Sunday -The whole Brousseau clan and the Maile's made it. Thanks everyone! It was kind of a combined party for Matt, Dad B and Gray. Their birthdays are only 5 days apart. Bless the Mailes for coming - an hour early. We loved the extra time with them but I'm not so sure Abby was up for an extra hour in the chaos. Thanks Abby. . .

Uncle David and Alex. . .
Dad B opening presents. . .

Gray eating his cake. I am totally an order and pick up kind of Mom. None of this make 3 million cakes to serve 30 people. I just don't have the patience for it. For my kids birthdays they get to go to Costco and pick out and design their birthday cake. It's like Christmas to them for some reason which is fine with me cause it gets me off of the hook. Gray picked a baseball cake and we picked it up a couple of days before the party and put it in the fridge outside. I caught him trying to get to it and open it maybe 20 times before the party. A little excited maybe?

Eva and her cake - can't get enough of that crazy girl. Got a soft spot for her here at the Brousseau house.. .

The Maile clan (minus Naki and Ane)
Happy Birthday Gray!!!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

The beauty of friends. . .

There is the sweetest lady in our ward. She was the Relief Society President when I was in the presidency last year and she just loves our boys. She has boys just like ours but are now older. So, anyway, she called us yesterday to tell us that she had all of her boys old play football uniforms and helmets - did the boys want them? You bet. We marched over there and picked those up probably 5 minutes after the phone call. The boys wore them ALL day and to bed that night. They are in heaven. Jax can't believe that she had an old school BYU one. That just made his day . . . Thanks Emily!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Odds and Ends . . .

Okay - so let me catch you up on the last couple of weeks. First of all, Aunt Cassie and baby Cooper came to visit and stayed for a week. Although, as always, I don't have any pictures, we had a blast. We love seeing the Daines family. And I have a new small crush, Cooper Daines, my 5 month old boyfriend. :) They came to Utah with Grandma Davis and Uncle Tim for the arrival of my sister Abby's baby - Meleane. Right after that - Uncle James Javier came to visit. It has been crazy around here. Having the house to just me and the kids almost seems too empty . . .Gray wants to know - "where did everybody go?"

Aside from all of that fun stuff - here's the other info. . .

Matt and I have wanted to put some storage shelving in the laundry room for MONTHS but didn't want to take the time or money to build it. So - on KSL I found this huge long shelf for only 50 bucks. Perfect right? Almost. . . It didn't quite fit. As you can see in the picture below - we had to ram it into the wall - AFTER Matt took the doorjam off, to get it in there. It was hilarious - okay maybe to just Cassie and I but not to Matt who had to do all of the work. He rocked it by the way. The funny part about the whole thing was that Cooper (Cassie's little boy) was asleep on the other side of the wall and slept through the whole thing. Although Gray is mostly a terror to poor Cowboy - they do have moments when they make peace and are friends. See? Just wanted to show some proof. . .
I couldn't resist taking this adorable picture. It was time to get ready for bed and Gray really wanted to wear the one football uniform we have. Jax so lovingly agreed to let Gray wear it and then helped him put it on. It was adorable - I just stood back and listened. I heard things like "Okay Gray, put your foot in here." and " Arms up!" It was awesome to see them working together instead of wrestling over something.

Mohawk time. Dad was supposed to give the boys one last buzz for summer and this is what happened. They love it. . . especially when it's all gelled and spiked up. 2 weeks ago Matt's work gave him 4 tickets to the BYU football game. Lucky enough for us - Uncle Tim came into Orem the same day. So Matt, Jax, Uncle Naki and Uncle Tim took off early and had the best time. Uncle Naki totally made the day unforgettable for my little guy. We definitely have a new converted BYU fan. In fact - today in the car Jax said he likes BYU better than the NY Yankees. Anyway, Uncle Naki made it possible for Jax to run on the field and make his own imaginary touchdowns, meet most of the players and just be a star. He came home with a signed football and used wristband one of the players used in the game. Thank you, thank you, thank you Uncle. . . .

So - in retrospect, Matt and I realized that our 4-year old little boy has been sports spoiled this year. Let me explain. This year he has -
Gone golfing on an Adult course at least 5 times (taking his own clubs)
Ran the Bases with Hootz the Owl and the Orem Owlz game,
Swept the infield for the Orem Owlz
Ran All of the bases at the Owlz game after the Games
Ran on the field at a Spokane Shock game (taking home a souvenir football - thanks Uncle James) while attending a Spokane Shock game
Met a Utah Jazz player
Gone to 2 Utah Jazz games
Gone on court and attended a Harlem Globe Trotters game
Gone to 2 Utah Flash Games
Gotten star treatment at the BYU football game (met all of the players, ran on the field, etc.)
Met the BYU basketball head coach
Could this kid seriously have any more sports exposure? And just so all of you out there know - this has NOT been pushed on him. He LOVES this stuff, in fact, I think he lives for it . . .