Monday, November 23, 2009

Piece of advice

Do not, I repeat, do not give a 4-year old a piggyback ride up the stairs RIGHT after giving him cold and cough medicine. If you do - you might, just might, end up with puke in your hair and down your shirt. I'm just sayin...

Thursday, November 12, 2009

The true alphabet

So I know I'm overblogging about Gray - but I just couldn't pass this up...

Tonight I was educated on the true alphabet. It goes like this...

A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J,K, I know why you pee. . . Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, and Z...


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Primary Program 2009

I first want to say that ALL of my kids did a fantastic job with their parts and singing their songs in this year's Primary Program. I was truly a proud mother. Addie's class had a solo and she was fantastic and beautiful. Jax memorized his part all by himself and his class had a solo, which he proudly did. It was the sideshow that Gray provided, however, that I want to highlight this year. First, this year, the primary president placed all of the sunbeams in the front row, a row of little primary chairs in front of the bishop's row. At the practice, when the kids stood up to sing, we quickly realized Gray was too tall.. So, they moved him to the side of the front row so as to not block the view for those behind them. This did place him right beside the wood half-wall. You know? Right by the stairs?

So, in his new seat, during the primary program itself, Gray provided the WHOLE ward with a sideshow that included repeatedly trying to hang himself with his tie, making the noises, faces and everything. When that was done he began having a make-believe transformer war with his hands and the half-wall next to him noices and all again. Explosion sounds, men dying, you get the picture. And THEN, he began making out with the wood half'-wall next to him. What I mean was making fish faces on it, pushing his lips into it and talking loudly... I, being the primary chorister, was in the front row and kept yelling (under my breath) at Gray to stop. When I could not get him to do so - I had to call him down to me. He didn't like that one bit, and on his way back UP to his seat, stomped the whole way making loud mad noises. Then he sat back down in his seat and cried loudly, during the program. Last but not least, when it was his class' turn to get up and say their parts, instead of walking along in front of the small chairs, he decided to stand up on them, jump over them and walk behind them. At least that's how I think it went down in his head. What really happened you ask? He started to jump over the chair and caught his back foot on the back of the chair and bit it. Loudly... a loud thump onto the hollow stand by the podium.

This was definitely a primary program to remember. The show of '09, the year of Gray.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Change of Plans

So just when you think you know which way you're headed - Heavenly Father throws a wrench in your plans. In looking for additional/new/second incomes for Matt, I came across a job posting for an apartment complex manager. So, I submitted my resume to find out more about it - the posting was really vague and stated it the job wouldn't be starting for a while. I knew that my days watching Covelli would be over soon so I thought I should at least look into it... Well, the property owners called and after a few meetings - offered me a position, immediately. After working out some kinks and making sure our kids will be well taken care of, loved and not able to fall through the cracks - I've accepted the job. I start on Wednesday! I am totally excited - I am hesitant and worried - but I am peaceful that Heavenly Father wants our family to do this. I'm going to try and see if it works for us. . Here's to being an adult and making the hard choice.