Saturday, February 28, 2009

I know I signed on for this. . .

Why is it that it seems like husbands get to have all of the fun? Maybe because it's 3:30 pm on a Saturday and I'm sitting here in my sweats BABYSITTING, while my husband gets to go to a basketball game. Or maybe cause over the last couple of nights he's come home after 6:30 when a particular pregnant person is TIRED and the kids need a bath and it's too late to do anything. I know I'm hormonal, and definitely in a bad mood, but for all of you stay-at-home moms out there - have you felt this too? I know he goes to work and works hard, but it is SOOO frustrating when Saturday comes and he's doing something fun and I'm still doing dishes, laundry, cooking, oh yeah, while barefoot and pregnant. :) Don't get me wrong- I'm not mad at him per se, just annoyed. I know and support that I should be at home with the kids, but when it's been a long week of him leaving at 7 am and not home until late, and then Saturday rolls around and I'm still stuck in this house - I'm getting a little irritated.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Is someone trying to tell me something?

Okay - day 2. The question I was asked this morning -
"Mom, why do your legs shake when you walk?" Seriously? And, AGAIN, from Jax. I'm trying not to take it personally, but I'm starting to wonder. . .

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Question of the Day

"Mom, why do you have such a big butt?"

Perfect. Nice way to start the day. . . Can you guess which of my kids asked me this question this morning?

Saturday, February 21, 2009


Can you guess what we've been doing at our house all day today?

I needed to pick up two birthday presents for Addie this morning (for two different parties she was invited to attend today) and I found the best present for my THREE boys to play with today. It has been a blast. . .

Friday, February 20, 2009

Tired. . .

Today I feel like this. . .

All of you women out there who have been pregnant before, recognize this feeling?

SOOOO tired that you don't even want to move your arms or legs, or you could close your eyes while sitting there and could immediately fall asleep? That's exactly how I feel today. Forget anything else I had planned to get done today. Prego tired has taken over. . . So today I am still in my pjs, doing little odds and ends around the house but mostly sitting on my butt. And my mood? Just like the picture of Gray. . . I figure there are points of time in pregnancy when you just listen to your body and do absolutely nothing - forget about the vacuuming, laundry, birthday gifts that need picked up for 2 different parties, cooking, or even fights between the boys that need solved. Today I am doing NOTHING!
On a side note - President Julie B. Beck of the Relief Society came and spoke to our Stake last night for our monthly enrichment. It was fabulous. She basically held a QA session and let women just ask her questions. Her answers were blunt, on point, and fantastic. The best piece of wisdom and advice I took home last night was this. She asked all of the sisters - How many of you are waiting to live the dream? You know, wanting to get married, wanting to have kids, wanting your kids to move out, wanting . . . ? Just ready for what you have visioned to be the ideal life to happen to you? Well, it's not going to happen. This life isn't the dream, it's the experience that leads to the dream when this life is over. Basically - stop waiting for your dream world and dream life. Enjoy life now, not 20 years later when you look back. Enjoy the experience and lessons you are learning NOW. The dream you have envisioned will come - but you are here on earth for your experiences, not to have a dream life with no problems or stress or disappointment. Accept that they are going to happen and enjoy them! It was really blunt and to the point - exactly what I needed. . .

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Time with Javier Cousins

We were able to have the Javier's over for dinner on Sunday . . . Nothing new or huge to report - just took a couple of cute pictures. I love what a big sister Addie is, playing with Tori is great practice for when Emma comes. Jax has a little buddy in Sammy, it's adorable. Here is Sammy wearing some clothes like Jatson, as he puts it. Cute huh?

On a side note - had a doctor's appointment today, all is well! Measuring right on schedule, etc., etc., etc., Till next time!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

How would you react?

So today was an interesting and eye opening day for our house. Matt was at work in Lehi and I was supposed to be lifting (but fell asleep on the couch instead) when the phone rang. Luckily I woke up and saw that it was Addie's school. Addie's teacher was calling to let us know that some "drama" was going on that we should be aware of. During lunch recess, two boys decided to tag team our daughter and the one behind her that she couldn't see would grab her in her privates while she was trying to get the other one to stop. She did not start it. The first boy pushed her down to start the whole thing and then grabbed her in that area. When she got up, completely angry, and began chasing him away the other would come up behind her. Get it? This went on for at least 4 times. This happened at the end of recess and immediately upon going inside, my brave 7-year old daughter went right to her teacher and told her what had happened. From there, the principal, vice principal, recess duty teacher, Addie's teacher, Addie and the two boys began meeting. All of the kids were questioned at length, with the boys' story constantly changing and Addie's consistent and true. As a result, the boys were suspended for today and tomorrow, a meeting is scheduled for Tuesday morning with all parents involved to discuss any further action.

So. . . here is my question. What would your reaction be, how would you handle it, and what type of discussion would you have with your child?

I have to say - we could not be more proud of Addie. She cried once, when she was embarassed about having to talk to the principal about it. She is not still angry at the boys, is very mature about it, and feels no shame in telling the teacher. She told me that she knew what the boys were doing was wrong so she told her teacher. I told her that we, her parents, back her up and ALWAYS want her to be able to tell an adult when something like this happens. Her dad told her that he wants to hunt those boys down and teach them a thing or two. . . Here's the kicker, (although I am the furthest thing from racist or any of that garbage) - neither of the boys parents can speak English, at all. So Matt and I cannot communicate with them and a translator has to be there on Tuesday . . .
Tell me what you think. . .

Monday, February 9, 2009

Couple of Things

So . . . the Brousseau house doesn't have anything new or major to report- just some funny "Timmyisms" and crazy things our kids of done. . . Here you go!

Addie -
1. Cut her hair. Again. Although I can't really complain because the last time she did it we lived in Idaho so it has been a while. I just taught her how to do a high ponytail and apparantly the little hairs that stick out of the bottom? when you do that? Those were bugging her. . . .

2. Parent-teacher conference. These are one of my favorite things to go to with Addie. . . She is the dream child to have in school. She wants to work hard and get things right and her grades show it. Addie and I went together and the teacher, of course, just raved about her. My favorite and most proud moment was a tie between hearing that she was no longer chasing boys around the playground and inadvertently pulling their pants down when trying to stop them and that she is doing so well in class that when the teacher is busy and another students needs help, Addie, in essence, becomes the student teacher and teaches them . . . . Love to Addie. I love that kid.

Jax -
1. Jax had an awesome week last week. The NIC basketball team, that his daddy played for in Idaho, came down to play in Salt Lake. Jax (with his dad and brother) was allowed into the team practice on Thursday night, got the players to autograph his tshirt, dunked with them, you name it, he did it. . . He was exhausted but on a high. We went to their games on Friday and Saturday night and he had a blast. We were probably the ONLY NIC fans their cheering but that didn't stop Jax or his dad from yelling from the stands. At one point, Salt Lake had the ball and my little 4-year old could be heard yelling defense, clap clap, defense, clap clap, from the stands. No shame, standing behind his team. He held a team roster in his hand through the whole thing and "instructed" Gray on each player as they came in and out of the game. It was ADORABLE.

2. Two funny quotes from Jax - First, at the NIC game I got all excited because I saw and actually recognized that Dave Rose was there and that I knew who he was. . . I couldn't wait to show Jax. So I leaned down to him and pointed this man out to him and said, "do you know who that is?". Jax calmly looked at me and said, yeah, that's Dave Rose, he's the coach of the BYU basketball team. Then looked at me like - didn't you know that mom?How does he know that stuff?

In primary on Sunday the lesson our kids learned was about Joseph Smith and the First Vision. When Jax got home Matt was trying to take a moment and teach him more about Joseph Smith and to bear his testimony to Jax. He said, "Jax, did you know that Joseph Smith was a true prophet?" Jax thought about it for a minute, furrowed his brow and then asked, "was Joseph Smith a true freshman too?" Awesome.

Gray -
1. Gray is trying soooo hard to make through this transition into Primary. It's not really going all that well. . . He was asked to be the reverence child in church on Sunday. He proudly walked up to the front and stood there folding his arms. It lasted for about five minutes. I looked at him five minutes later and he was crying with his pouty bottom lip sticking out. I asked him what was wrong. . . he said "this is taking too long. I want to sit down. " You can only ask for so much reverence from that little guy. Apparantly 5 minutes is the max. . .

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Made it through another Sunday

Highlights of today. . .
-Matt came home early from PEC in time to help get the kids ready for 9:00 am church
-Gray came to the kitchen looking like a stud to open his mouth and say "I'm freakin ready to go. . . "
-Addie bore her testimony for the FIRST time! She was adorable. When testimony meeting began I watched her slowly inch her way to the end of the pew. When I looked at her she looked like a deer caught in headlights . . . so, her loving dad volunteered to go up and bear his first. A memory I'll have always.
-Superbowl sunday at our house - all of our kids picked their own bag of chips at the store - had a pigout from 2 pm till bedtime. They loved it.
-Addie watched and FOLLOWED the football game. FINALLY understood what a 1st down is. . -I got my hair played with for an hour. . .
-Gray ASKED to go to bed. . .

On to the next week . . .