Sunday, May 23, 2010

2nd Update!

Addie's Dance Recital .... We were lucky enough to have my parents and Uncle Tim here for the girls' recital this year. The Maile girls were FANTASTIC! Addie was such a delight to watch because of her love of the stage. To think that she was TERRIFIED of being on a stage several years ago, and then to see her up there in front of a large croud having the time of her life.... She's really come far. It's almost as if she's transformed from her mom's personality to her Dad's. My kids are constantly surprising me..... Well done Addie!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Update #1

I THINK they are pictures of Jax's soccer team at his last game. They should also be new candids of Gray at his Preschool Program. He did fabulous. Not a lot to tell but LOVED these pictures.

Monday, May 10, 2010

What is different about today?

Towards the end of our evening yesterday, Grayson really wanted to ride his scooter around the block. We really try to make an attempt to have our Sundays be different from our weekdays so that our kids recognize that we are at least trying to observe the Sabbath day.

Well, when he was told no to riding his scooter he got REALLY mad. Matt sat him down and asked him, "Gray, today is Sunday. What do we do different on Sunday than the other days of the week?"

This is the answer we got -

"We listen."

Awesome - now I know to not tell my kids anything important unless it's Sunday - cause that's the day they listen to me...

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Jax's Birthday

If I were a little boy turning 6 - then I would have had the best birthday ever.

Jackson is amazing - he is incrediby smart, sensitive, sweet and thoughtful. We were remembering the stressful moments surrounding his actual "birth"day and feel incredibly blessed and grateful to have him here in our family!

Jax decided to invite all of his friends to go swimming, go figure, and we had a chance to see that others think he is just as wonderful as we do! He had 17 friends come to his party. What a crazy party that was... He said the best moment of his day was going golfing with his dad.

Grandma and Grandpa Davis - he has been on his rollerblades EVERY possible second that he is allowed to be outside.... Thank you!

Sunday, May 2, 2010


Our last and final baby is not a baby anymore! Emma turned one on the 29th and I cannot believe the year has flown by. I can remember EXACTLY how I felt a year ago when I was admitted to the hospital. We cannot believe that our mischievous adorable Emma is a walking talking machine. She gets into EVERYTHING and isn't afraid of anything. Perfect. She had the best tempermant for the baby - she just putts around behind everyone else and does her own thing - except if you take her food or blanket away....
We stuck to tradition and gave her her own cake to eat out on the deck. I put one picture in here of me holding her because she was grabbing for hit and had some in her hand already - before I could get her outside.... Stinker. Love you Emma!

The last two pictures are throw-ins.... because Addie scored her first goal! Her competitive Brousseau, um maybe Davis side, is coming out. She got a taste of scoring and hasn't been the same since. I had a picture of her happy face after she scored, but thanks to what felt like being in my own episode of Everybody Loves Raymond episode, the pictures got erased by my helpful husband. He felt awful - I'm just giving him a hard time... And although when her hair is down she has a mullet- Emma's hair fits into pigtails finally! Had to take a picture of it....

10 Year Anniversary

We did it! We made it to 10 years - 4 kids later, 8 different apartments/houses, a lot of laughs, definitely highs and lows. Definitely more good than bad. We feel old.... and onto the next phase of our lives. I surprised Matt with a trip to Las Vegas to see Phantom of the Opera (which was amazing...) We had the best time - that was the first time we'd truly gone out of town without our kids since we were married. . . Why did we wait so long again? It was so much fun! We were excited to come back and missed our kids, but just a little part of me hated to come back to reality.... Thanks to those that stepped in while we snuck away. Love you babe!

Sorry about the dorky pictures - Matt informed me that we never take any pictures with me in them... There's a reason for that. The statue of liberty in one of the pictures is 100% candy - took that one to show our kids. The picture of us by the Phantom Poster is funny. We needed a new one of us together (although we are taking new family pictures in June) and we both think we look funny. I love it though. Matt's suit jacket hung back behind him and doesn't give him justice of his skinny self and I am NOT pregnant contrary to to what you may think.... I can't wait for the next trip! My kids say it's to Disneyworld....Hm...