Thursday, August 28, 2008

Mom - look!

I can't count how many times I've heard that today and let me tell you - most of the time when I hear that, what I get treated to is hilarious, totally weird or totally awesome. Here's a small taste of the last few days -

-Jax able to push start on his 2-wheeler bike by HIMSELF
-Gray riding his scooter with the handles backwards - every time. . . .
-Addie doing a split with feet on either side of the kitchen counter
-Addie actually showing an athletic side and learning how to shoot a basketball (and listening to dad the coach - small miracle)
-Both boys racing down the stairs while laying on their stomachs and sliding backwards
-Gray peeing with "Look mom! No Hands!"
-and My personal favorite - Gray shaking the Davis booty he so lovingly inherited. He can really shake that thing - and loves it! We have discovered that Gray - out of our three kids - has the biggest love of music. He sings to ANYTHING, whether he knows the words or not. His favorite song right now is by Sugarland - All I Want To Do - know it? A few more of his favorites are
- No Air- Jordin Sparks
- I'm Yours- Jason Mraz
Love it. . . Look mom!

On a little side note - we've braved it and took the boys' bunk beds apart. We moved the boys' room around this weekend and put them kind of next to each other. I'm not sure if that means my boys will take longer to go to sleep or what but they really wanted to do it. While I was in the middle of smashing my hand, smooshing my toe or finding gross boogers on the wall (in places I didn't know those boys could reach), to move those beds around - I overhead my cute Jax saying to his brother - "Hey Gray - know we can talk to each other at bedtime - it's going to be totally awesome!" I am so glad that (most of the time) my boys love each other and love each other's company. Last weekend Jax had a sleepover at his Grandma Brousseau's, and when Gray woke up in the morning and couldn't find Jax began to softly cry. It was beautiful through the innocent sadness. We asked him what was wrong and he said. . ." I can't find my Jatson." I love those boys. . .


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

It's official. . .

You thought I was going to say that I'm pregnant - didn't you . . . I'm not. I was going to say that it's official - we have an awesome soccer player in our little family and I have become a soccer mom . . . the inevitable has happened.

Jax had his first soccer game last night and it was the funniest and funnest thing we've done in a long time. What a riot to watch those little boys play 4 on 4 soccer. I lost count of how many times one team scored a goal in the wrong net, or how many times the coaches could be heard encouraging those adorable little boys to turn the ball around and go THE OTHER WAY!

So the bragging part of this entry, much less the whole reason for it, is because Jax rocked. A couple of things surprised me watching him last night. First - he gets it, he understands the game enough to be thinking ahead. When he could tell that the ball was headed toward his goal - instead of joining the big ball of 7 other litle boys trying to kick it - he backed up and played goalie, with no prompting from his coach or dad. In fact, he even had a few saves. Second - he is tough. I always knew he was tough but watching him from the side is different. He fell down going full speed several times and got right back up and hustled to that ball as fast as his little body could. And third - he really is good! He was one of the youngest out there and that's right -

Jax scored 2 goals!
The second goal he scored he got the ball all the way at the other end of the field and took off. He sprinted with the ball down to the other end with only one other teammate trailing him. When I was talking to him about it later - he said "those other boys tried to be funny and didn't chase me when I went to score!" I then told him, which he didn't realize until right then, that those others boys didn't give up or try to be funny - they just couldn't catch him! Anyway - it was really fun. I can't wait for the next game on Saturday! Through the month of Sept. he gets to have a game on each Tues. and Sat. So much fun . . .

Friday, August 22, 2008

Is the Police Officer taking me to jail?. . .

So before I get into all of the normal new stuff for our family let me tell you a funny story. We were driving from Matt's softball game over to the Orem Owlz game. We were driving up 400 south and needed to slow down to go around 2 Sheriff's Deputies that had pulled someone over. Sure enough, RIGHT as I am going around them and as a sheriff's deputy was walking to his car - Gray unbuckled himself and walked to the front of the car - and the deputy watched the whole thing. It was like watching a movie in slow motion with something happening and you can't do anything to stop it. . . So we panicked and told Addie to hurry and rebuckle Gray. For those of you who know Addie - we know that she does NOT perform under pressure. She instead turns into this panicking bucket of tears - which is exactly what happened. So - sure enough the sheriff's deputy comes and pulls us over. What he finds is Gray grinning from ear to ear while sitting in the back NOT in his car seat and Addie hysterical. He was very nice to us and tried his best to scare Gray into always staying in his car seat from here on out and did NOT give me a ticket. Thank you thank you.

The funny part about this story is that the next night we were driving to yet ANOTHER softball game, listening to the radio when Gray pipes up from the backseat in his sweet little 2-year old voice- "Mom, is the police officer going to take me to jail?" After thinking about it for 5 seconds we decided to answer yes! If you don't stay buckled. . . So - Gray now thinks that anytime you don't stay buckled you go to jail- and clearly remembers being pulled over. If you asked him today what the police officer will he do - he will tell you that if you don't stay buckled you will go to jail. Part of me thinks Addie won't forget that for a long time either. . .

So I don't have the best memory - I can remember bits and pieces of things but not clearly. One thing I do remember from my childhood is my father's blessings before school started. I love carrying that on with my kids and Addie received her blessing this Sunday since school started on Monday. Here is the picture of her with her handsome Daddy. Thanks to my husband for being willing and ready to give a blessing to his daughter. Love you babe! Soccer has officially begun for Jax. . . He could not be more excited. This picture is on our way to his first practice. In his soccer league they give him a uniform and ball that he gets to keep. In true Jackson style he brought his jersey home and wore it to bed that night (with his shorts, shin guards and knee high socks), and again the whole next day, and again to bed the next night. I've had to convince him to take it off so I can wash it. I've found a place here that will put his last name on the back for .75 cents a letter- totally doing it. I know what Jax is going to be for halloween this year!
Here's Addie on the morning of her first day of school. She wanted to turn in the picture so that you could see Hannah Montana on her backpack. I took a step back this year and let her pick her own backpack. She loves it! I am so proud of her with how far she has come with getting nervous or being shy. She just jumped right in this year and is having a blast. . .

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Fast Sunday...

Does anyone think they can figure out what happened to cause this picture???

This is what happens when you have a combination of fast sunday and late church . . .a free for all snack time when you get home. . . Gray got a little over excited - Popped the lid off and turned the container over to see what he could get out. Sometimes I feel like this after fast sunday church. . . So anxious to eat you'll eat whatever you can find. Here's the menu of our after church snack. Keep in mind that we get home at 2:15 and choir starts at our house at 2:30 so we have to eat fast and convenient snacks. Today is was Seven Peaks leftovers - Pringles, Cookies, Doritos and Grasshopper cookies. Now that's my kind of snack. The funniest part though is how fast we eat it because we are STARVING! Anyone else ever feel like that after church?
So - on a side note - Jax had his 4 year check up, I know, it was a few months late. Anyway - if he had turned 4 this month he would be in the 95th percentile in his height and 75th in his weight. So - he's about the 97th or so. The doctor then said that Jax should at least end his growing at 6 feet 6 inches tall. So while we were sitting there - and trying to make the appointment all about Jax, since it was his - we looked over at his YOUNGER brother and thought - what does that mean about him? Any votes on how tall Gray will end up to be? He has his 3 yr. check up in about 6 weeks. . .

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Running the Bases. . .

Sorry for the mess this entry is - I typed my entry before adding the pictures - just read below to see what the heck these pictures are!!!!

Jax was lucky enough to be the entertainment at the Owlz Game last night, well, at least part of it. He got to run the bases with Hootz the Owl after the 2nd inning - how it works is he and Hootz start and second base and "race" to third base. Jax was adorable, he did his little strut out there as they announced his name and the crowd clapped so politely. But what no one expected was that after Jax beat Hootz to third base (where the kids usually stop running), he took a wide turn and ran for home as fast as his little body could go. He was bookin it- AND the crowd that was so politely clapping before stood up and started cheering loud and cheering his name. It was so awesome. He was determined to cross home plate - which he, of course, did. All of the players out there warming up for the next inning were cheering for him and giving him knuckles too. I honestly was so proud. And not because he rocks, even though he does, but because he went for it.

So the second funny part of the evening was at the bottom of the 5th inning when the grounds crew realized they were short a guy and asked Matt to come out and sweep the field with them. We've found Matt a second job!!!! I had to take a few pictures for posterity sake. Go Matt!!!

On a side note- our bestest of best friends are moving to Tooele. I will not be watching Bailee or Covelli in the fall anymore because their stinker mom got a job. Anyway - just a shout out to them that we love them and are excited for the new change in their life. Time for college days to end and real life to begin! We love you guys! Soo - that means for me - I am officially a stay-at-home mom. Jax starts his 4-day a week preschool soon and Addie will be in school all day. Sooo - it looks like it's just Gray and I. . . .I am excited to see what the next couple of months will be like!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Cute Addie . . .

Latey I've been trying to watch Addie from the sideline because I've found that when she doesn't know she's been watched that her true sweet side comes out. Look at that beautiful girl! She has been great with her brothers lately, again, when no one is watching. She made lunch for Jax the other day and is constantly trying to mother Gray.

Anyway, the first picture is of her with NO front teeth. She has lost all four front teeth in the last 2 months. The last one was hanging on like a snaggle tooth forever until we realized that she didn't want it come out because she was worried she would look silly and get made fun of for not having any front teeth. We literally had to pin her down and have Matt pop that tooth right out of there the other night. Finally. . . . This picture was supposed to be of her with no front teeth but she so sweetly invited the boys into her picture. I have found that she actually does love them, when they aren't trying to tackle her, pull her hair, play with her lip gloss, or open the door on her when she's going to the bathroom. . . .Lately she has developed a very special relationship with Gray. He looks for her when he wakes up, wants to swim with her . . .Anyway -
So here's how the story goes - Gray is in love with baseball. He loves Hootz, the mascot for the minor league team the Orem Owlz. He also loves the movie Everyone's Hero which is about baseball during Babe Ruth's era. So I overheard Gray talking to Addie 2 days ago, telling her that he wanted Hootz and Babe Ruth to autograph his baseball. When I came back - this is what I found. . . . Seriously - too cute.
If you can't tell - that's supposed to say Hootz and the second one is supposed to be Babe Ruth. These are the same baseball, just different sides . . .

Much love to Addie - our little girl who would just love to have a sister but is learning to love her hooligan brothers. . .