Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Craziness. . .

Our house has been crazy busy over the last couple of days - but all with fun stuff! Every year for our anniversary, Matt's parents lovingly take our kids for a couple of days so that we can get away. By some small miracle, we managed to get the hook-up this year and were given a free hotel stay, free dinner and spending money over the last month or so. Since we went to Park City right after we got married, we go there every year. We, the dorks that we are, always go and visit the bed-and-breakfast that we stayed in for our anniversary, which, by the way, is a historic landmark. We usually go golfing, for Matt . . . , but this year Park City is still completely under snow. SOOOO, we made a run for it on Friday and didn't come back to our house until Sunday.

While we were in Park City, we went on one of my MOSTEST favorite scavenger hunts, at the Park City Outlets. For those of you who know me well, you know that I can shop for hours on end and love every minute of it. The challenge is to find what is on your list for a good price and still love it. . . . This weekend I was hunting for clothes for Aunt Lizzie's wedding (Yea!!!!!!!) for my kids. . . I DID IT!!!! I was so proud of myself. I found yellow shirts for the boys for $6 each. Made my day. Now I only have to find something for myself. . . Another trip.

Today, I decided to go running to the park instead of driving to the gym as I am trying to live in a budget and conserve gas. So, I thought that going running was super smart and that my boys would love going to the park for a couple of hours. I forgot, however, that I have two GROWING boys who weigh A LOT more than they did last year. Jackson cannot ride his bike to the park, it's too far and he says, "My legs are TOOOOO tired Mom," bless his little heart. He tried so hard last trip to the park and I ended up pushing him on his bike and pushing Gray in the stroller - never again . . . Anyway, my point to this story is that when we finally made it to the park, with a very tired Mom, the Orem Fire Department was there practicing drive-ups, hooking the hose up fast and spraying water from the hose and the truck. My boys were fascinated. . . . The best part was how awesome those guys were - they noticed shy Jackson hiding behind a trash can but peeking his head out to watch them and invited him to come over to them. He was too shy so I held his hand as we walked over and met them. They made both he and Gray Junior Firefighters which they thought was soo cool. Jax sat there for a good hour watching them and when they noticed how fascinated he was they invited him to get in the firetruck, sit in their seats and even hold the hose while they sprayed water all over the park. He was in heaven!!!!!! He hasn't stopped talking about it since.

Last story - the last couple of nights Gray has gotten really sneaky at bedtime. You put him to bed only to find him somewhere else later. For example, last night Jax, Addie and I were upstairs in my room watching the NYY play and I had put Gray to bed about a half hour earlier. When it was time to put Jax to bed he through a huge fit and was crying SOOO loud. But, as we were walking into his room he literally stopped in midcry, looked at Gray's bed and said, "Mom, where's Gray?". He was NOWHERE to be found. So, I yelled his name downstairs, and for those of you that know his voice, I heard a loud and low, "What?" He was downstairs watching the Celtics basketball game. He totally played it off like he was supposed to be there and what was the big deal? When I told him he had to get back in bed he started fake crying and said, "There's monsters in there!" So I took him to his room and asked him to show me where. . . He looked dumbfounded and all I got was an , "Um . . . . . ." as he looked around the room to try and think of an answer. Nice try Gray.

Anyway - from the house of the craziness to yours - have a good week!


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

Happy 8th Anniversary!!!!!
I tried to find some pictures to show some different times in our life and this is what I found. . . . I wish I had more, but most of our earlier pictures are from before digital cameras. . . I just liked the really early ones . . . I'll try and add more later.

We have successfully made it through 8 years! Okay, I know to some people that isn't really all that long, but to us it is! This morning we were remembering all of the craziness that has happened to us in the last 8 years and had a good laugh realizing that life is never calm, thank goodness! Some things we remembered were -

A broken big toe

College Basketball

A smashed little toe

Living in a little 800 sq foot apartment with 5 people

8, yes, 8 moves

8 different cars

4 rounds of stitches (okay 2 of those are Addie's)

3 fast labor and deliveries :)

Plenty of speeding tickets on the trip to CDA and back

Burnt alfredo - our favorite meal that Matt makes for us :)

Heart shaped pancakes - made by Matt

LOTS of chocolate chip cookies

LOTS of trips to our infamous, not famous but infamous, outlets in Park City

Today my cute husband brought me lunch, thank goodness I worked out this morning, reminiscent of our wedding day, WENDY'S! Right after we got married and before our reception we were starving so in our Tux and Wedding dress we headed through the drive-thru to grab some lunch. The look on the employee's face was priceless. . . So every year we ty to have Wendy's for lunch. I love that tradition.

We also are lucky enough to have Matt's parents babysit for us every year so that we can get away for a couple of nights. This year, because I rock, I won the NCAA bracket in both the Brousseau and Davis family bracket pools and won dinner AND a movie. Can't wait for this weekend! On a sidenote, I did actually fill out my own bracket this year without Matt's help . . .

I never win anything, so this year as we got further into the tournament I was nervously and anxiously watching the games waiting to see if this was my year, and it was! No pressure for next year. . . .

I just wanted to take a minute to say how much I love my husband and how lucky I am. I married a wonderful man who takes the time to play with his kids, to work hard to provide for his family and who can always make me laugh. I feel incredibly lucky and love him more every day that goes by. Here's to the next 8 years!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Okay, so here we are having another Sunday at our house. Having grown up with really strict parents and not a lot of young boys, I remember quiet and calm Sundays with no wrestling, kicking, tackling, yelling, or anything of the kind. I, however, have these two young crazies who can't sit still for more than two seconds. In fact, I can remember going over to Abby's house a couple of weeks ago to see her girls very quietly sitting and doing puzzles and games together. So I, of course, thought that we could try that at our house. Not going to happen. We did try it and guess what happened? Gray wanted to taste each crayon to see what they tasted like and Jackson decided to try to shoot hoops with the crayons. Hey, if you can't get your hands on a real ball, you've got to work with what you've got right? I gave up . . .

It's only 10:00 AM at our house and already we have wrestled, had a pretzel fight, spitting competition and played the always fun game of seeing who can catch and tackle Addie first, much to Addie's dismay. I have also had to ask the boys to please put the basketballs away maybe 50 times. Church is at 11:00. . .

So here's my question, what do you guys do on Sunday's to keep some sense of quiet and calm at your houses? I think I've come to a compromise with my boys that if we can have quiet activities until church, then we can shoot hoops after. Now let's see if we can make it through Sacrament without yelling "you're a poopy diaper!" really loud. . . .

Thursday, April 17, 2008


I NEED HELP! I can' t figure out how to get pictures on this page. Someone help me. . . . I tried to put one on and it told me it was an invalid URL? No idea.

It's time. . .

Okay - you all win. It's time I give in and figure out this darn blog thing. I love reading everyone else's and look at them each week. I'm just not sure I have as much fun stuff to share! Grayson is addicted to the movie Sandlot and watches it just about every day. For those of you who know it you know that they say "you're killing me Smalls!!" throught the whole thing. Well, today I didn't get him something fast enough and what did he say but that. . . .Crazy kid. Jackson is, as you all know, obsessed with basketball and is following the Jazz right now. Well, I found him asleep in my bed last night watching the Jazz game, or trying to at least. That's his favorite place to be. . . Addie, the social bug, is currently having a hard time juggling all of her friends and who to play with when. I can't remember being like that as a kid, that's for sure.
Well, as funny crazy things happen around here I'll be sure to post them . . . . Till then. . .