Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday = Pizza

There's something about the end of the week that makes my family crave PIZZA!!! We love to have pizza Friday night for dinner... Anyone else?

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Disciplining is a funny thing...

When working with my kids, I've found that there is no clear path or black and white with disciplining. Instead it's picking and choosing your battles, choosing when to harp on them or when to congratulate them. For instance, yesterday at bedtime Grayson was in trouble. Go figure, Gray + bedtime = trouble. He's tired, not a lot of self-control and I don't blame him. But, he had pushed Addie a little too much so was sent to bed.

After tucking him in, turning the lights off and going downstairs to finish running I heard a loud "MOOOOMMMMMMM!!!!!" over and over again. At first I decided it would be better to ignore it. Not to give in and give him the satisfaction of getting a result from yelling. After 15 minutes of it, however, I could stand it no more. I went up there to find him in his room playing with the light back on. And somehow, mysteriously, the fingernail clippers on the floor of his room.

When I asked him how they had gotten there, he immediately fessed up.

"I did it. I brought them in here." Fingernail clipppers are like weapons of destruction in Gray's hands, he can do some damage. So as I proceeded to calmly, be proud of me for that, talk to him about how he shouldn't have them in there, he said,

"Well....., at least I didn't lie!!" And there it is. So, I needed to in the same moment, give props and support the honesty but somehow reprimand ALL of the other things he had chosen to do. Like I said, picking and choosing your battles. So, I congratulated him for being honest and focused on that. Told him we'd have a better day tomorrow that it was amazing he chose to be honest while in trouble, that choice is a hard one to make.

I am CONVINCED that we need to be noticed when we make good choices, even if we only make one good one in the middle of 10 bad ones. I mean, who really wants attention brought to all of their flaws when in the midst of those flaws there is a shining star?? That's how I want it to be with me. So at the end of the conversation - Gray and I just remember that he was honest and celebrated the good choice he had made... So when parenting, I have decided to bring attention to the GOOD choices. I will discuss the bad ones, but put the Good ones on the front burner to show my kids that those Good choices are noticed, right???

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Updated Pix of Emma

Feeling oddly cynical and blah today - not a lot to say, life is same as always around here! - but here are some pics of Emma! She is growing so fast - loved giving her our food at dinner and seeing her go to town on it.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Pix as Promised

Here are the pix of our basketball hall of fame night. Bill Hoops' little boy Trey is on the far right. See his peace sign? Charles and Jimmer were fantastic and very sweet to come see our fam. Hope you like! New news at our house? Chaos and craziness. We feel a little overscheduled right now. Next week should be somewhat calmer I hope.

I was able to organize a fun night for my tenants this last Friday and had a full house - I loved it. Matt came with me and was able to appreciate my crazy other hundreds of kids. We held a competition night and Matt was the ref for the 3-3 water basketball which was hilarious. I have officially passed my trial/temp period with the Village and am officially permanent there and loving it. Emma has taken a few steps and is about to take off- seriously. Addie is the best helper as always and has straight A's. Jax is working on the balance between his love of sports and the necessity of reading and schoolwork. Working on that. Gray just told me I'm the best mom he's ever had because I game him peanut butter and fluff for lunch. Awesome.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The BEST night of my whole life

We are so lucky. My little family is lucky because we have an outgoing networking fiend for a Dad/Husband. He is friends with anyone and everyone and that really has come to bring some awesome opportunities as a result. Let me explain. My husband has a friend he plays softball with that works in the Sports Marketing Department at BYU, or something like that. Anyway, he is the nicest friend and anytime has extra tickets to an event, passes them on to my husband.

Over the last few weeks, my husband has gotten to know Charles Abouo who plays basketball for BYU. For dinner last Sunday night, we invited Matt's softball friend and his family over, and a few days before Matt came to me and said - I invited a few BYU basketball players and roommates over too! I didn't hold my breath, wasn't sure if that would really happen, but was hopeful that they would come for my cute boys who love them. Well, sure enough at dinner time, not only did Charles show up, but so did Jimmer Fredette and his roommate Justin.

I tried to prep my kids to not be shy around them, and to also not overdo their excitement but to just treat them like normal regular people. Addie said, shocked, "Mom, they are not regular people! They are famous, and since they are coming to our house, we are famous!" Nice Addie.

If you've met Jackson - you know that he talks about Jimmer on a first name basis and has a shrine to him in his room including one of his shoes from last season. Can you even imagine my son's face and emotions through that night? Needless to say, it was amazing. They played basketball together and ate and talked for over 3 hours. Those players were kind and humble and simply amazing. I have a new respect for them after Sunday night. I believe that they will be coming every now and then for a good (um, not sure about the good part) cooked dinner on Sundays...since they don't have host families like they do in CDA! When they left I asked Jax, with a 10 being the best ever, and a 1 being boring, how he would rate his night.

He thought about, slowly smiled, and said, "This was the best night of my whole life." Perfect. A mother's dream. Thanks to Charles and Jimmer for taking time out of their day, the day right after a win over Utah, to spend with my little boys. Simply amazing. I took some pictures but they are on my camera at home... I will post them later!