Tuesday, January 27, 2009

It finally happened. . .

I turned 30. Yuck. . . I knew the day would come, I just dreaded it. Although I don't havea picture, Abby brought me chocolate, always a winner. . . .Thanks Abby! The first picture is of the cute Javier kids bringing me presents. . . The rest are of my cake - thanks Candy! I realize that Gray is in ALL of them. But I finally got one of him smiling! That's hard to do . . . Thanks for all of the calls - much appreciated although I wish I could pretend this birthday never happened! Thanks to my sweetheart for all of his thoughtfulness on my birthday. Best presents ever babe!

And . . . finally a prego picture for those of you who have been asking for it. . . 6 months done only 3 to go!

Big Sister

As we get closer to adding a fourth to our family, I've been paying more attention to Addie to see what she will be like with a new little baby in our house. And I have to say, she rocks. She is always willing to help around here. She helps clear the dishes, put dishes away, collect laundry, put laundry away, you name it - she'll do it. Yesterday she hung up the boys shirts for me. . . I was in heaven. One of her favorite things to "help" with is to get everyone a treat of some kind. Cause she knows that if she gets it for someone else, the chances are good she'll get to have some too . . .Smart kid. This picture was of the other night when she "helped" her brothers get some ice cream . . .

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Baby Update

This won't be long cause I am REALLY sick. . . but I had a doctor's appointment today and he let me know that we can do things like we did with Gray - meaning a week early. Soo. . . we are planning for around May 4th or May 6th so we can try and not be in the hospital on Jax's bday (which is the 5th). . .

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Do you teach your kids not to kick?

Okay - Primary trial run #2 for new sunbeam Grayson. Last week, for his first week, Gray cried for the WHOLE thing and wanted to sit with me. He ended up in, I swear, a million time outs with his Dad. He definitely did not cooperate with this no more nursery thing. So, all week this past week we tried to prepare him and conquer what was hard for him last week. We talked about sitting and staying in his own chair. Over and over and over. This week in Primary, we start with singing and sharing time first for the younger ones, Gray managed to stay in his chair for maybe 50% of the time. We made progress right? So as I sent him off to his class for the last hour I thought to myself, "Okay, a little better this week, next week should be great!". Little did I know . . . As I picked him up from his class, the husband of his tag-team Sunbeam teacher couple says to me,

"You teach him not to kick, and hit, punch, and push, and stuff like that right?" Warily I answer yes, to which I get this, "Cause he kicked me in the shins a lot today. . . " Great. Next hurdle. It didn't occur to me to remind Gray not to kick his teacher. . . Now I know what to talk about this week!!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

New Year's

This first picture is just because. Gray being Gray. He decided that he liked both hats and couldn't pick which one to wear, so . . . . he wore them both. . . . all day. I decided not to say anything and to see how long it would go. Who knew it would go all day? I loved it. I love seeing your kids being themselves and making decisions that show their true colors, them just being them, and no one else.
Matt's mom, courtesy of Matt's Grandma in Vermont took all of the grandkids to a fun center over the New Year's break. It had a skating rink, which let our kids ride their scooters, big blowup things to jump on (what are those called?) and games, etc. Our kids had soo much fun. Gray's competitive side came out. If you can see this next picture, he is looking over at Jax to see how far ahead of him he his and if he can cut in front to win the race. It's always a race. Again, love it. Except for the times it ends in a fist fight with those two. . .
Somehow Addie could sense the camera. Surprised anyone?

This is my new favorite picture of this kid. Love it. I was trying to capture how red his face was from riding his scooter, but the look is priceless. . .

Gray getting some football practice in. He figured out how to run and tackle the whatever it is and did it probably for a good 20 minutes. Can you see his cute red underwear sticking out of his pants?

Jax in true form. Doing some kind of trick and posing for the camera at the same time. He loved this thing that he was jumping on. . .

Air hockey . . . nough said.

Our little family has a tradition of going to breakfast every New Year's morning, in jammies. . . This year we went to the Cracker Barrel and got to have Matt's Mom and Dad with us. It was so much fun. . . I did NOT post the picture of me in the morning. Nobody needs to see that. . .

Addie and Jax - how does her hair still look like that in the morning?

There's the update for our family! PS - At our last doctor's appointment it was determined that it is DEFINITELY a girl. Emerson it is! I still am unsure on the middle name. Anyway - Addie was thrilled, and oddly enough, Jax was too. Guess one little brother is enough. . . But they also noted that she is sitting really really low and head down already. Not that it's a worry right now but with how fast our family goes into and through labor they are going to keep an eye on it. . .
Till next time!