Sunday, September 26, 2010


Another week done. That's how I feel. I made it through one more week. Couple of updates - our kitchen needs redone due to a water leak. Should be started in 3 weeks. Can anyone give some advice on color of cabinets, counter and flooring. I feel lost and overwhelmed. All 3 kids had great weeks again with their sports, etc. Matt and I survived our work week. Nough said. Couple of things Gray said to me this week ---
I was mopping the kitchen floor and Grayson came running to the edge of the kitchen floor. He then began taking deliberate steps on the wet floor and said, "Look mom - I'm just like Jesus - I can walk on water!"

And- at the BYU football game I was teaching him all about the downs and when to yell, when not to, etc. I showed him how on 3rd down for the opposite team we all start yelling loud to break their concentration. A few minutes later he turned and started yelling in my ear, NOT at a 3rd down. I turned to him to nicely explain that we only do that on a 3rd down and he said, "I know mom - I'm trying to stop you from thinking." Perfect.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Grays' Birthday

It finally came. I think to Gray it felt like it would never come. He's finally 5 and at least for a while when we tell people his age they won't look quite as shocked. Enjoy the pics - we sure love that kid! He's intelligent, strong, independent, loving and determined - Happy Birthday Gray!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

What a week we've had....

I said earlier this week that we are crazy busy....but with good things! I am so excited for all of my older 3 kids as they have new and challenging experiences. Grayson had his first soccer game this week and scored a goal! It was really fun to watch him FINALLY be able to participate in what his older siblings have been doing. His time of watching from the sidelines is finally over and he is SOOOO excited. He wore his soccer uniform ALL day the day of his game - including the shin guards and cleats.

Addie has been advanced in dance and is loving having 2 whole hours to dance each week. She really loves it and definitely does NOT get it from me. She had her first soccer game this week too - her team won 3-2 and Addie had 2 of those goals. She has seriously come out of her shell in soccer this year. No more hanging back and watching her teammates get in on the action - you could see the determination in her face as she was ALL over the field helping on defense and leading the way to the goal. I sound like a dork but that is seriously how it was! Addie also is on her way to braces. We had a meeting with the orthodontist this week and gets some front toop braces next month....I all of a sudden feel old. I didn't before but when I realized I was old enough to have a daughter with braces?

Jax - he has had some fantastic milesones this week. He lost his first tooth and is beaming....He had his very first real test at school and aced it. He had his first soccer game and scored 10 goals. Um... Not sure what to say about that one. But - the moment I am most proud of is his football game. Here's why.

Jackson is a very sensitive and serious little man. He had his first football game last week. (He's number 23 if you are looking at the pictures....) He completed a 60 yard run, as the quarterback, handed the ball off on the next play to have his receiver fumble it and Jackson was tackled. Well - he cried, for the next 30 minutes and would NOT go back into the game, at all.
We discussed it with him and told him that if he hated it, so be it, but he did need to finish the season and then he could never play again if he wanted. BUT, we also told him that we think he is a child that wants perfection and when he gets tackled hard and things go wrong he gets nervous about failing again. So, he went to every practice this week, we didn't baby him and took him to his game today.

Today was a dream - he worked HARD... Their team lost 27-0. But, he was chosen as one of the team captains, he had a sack, some good tackles, he ran the ball for a first down, and most importantly he didn't quit. I am so proud of him. He got home and said - I am so proud of myself! I finished the whole game! As a reward - he's at the BYU football game with his dad right now.... I love that little man - he is seriously such a good kid. What a great moment to get to witness for him - the feeling of accomplishment and not quitting. This to me is what it's all about....