Thursday, March 31, 2011

Love this girl!

This is Emma - in true form. She is such a riot and joy - we would be lost without her!

Update - our kids started Soccer this week - Gray had 10 goals in his first game - and Addie (who's soccer is much more competitive according to her, plays actual positions, gets called for off-sides, etc., resulting in a lower score in each game than the young kiddos) scored her team's goal yesterday. I'm so proud of each of them as they go out on the field to have fun while doing well at the same time (of course they do- they are Brousseau's/Davis' :) right?)
Jax's first game is tonight - can't wait....

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Brousseau Kids

So my kids keep me laughing and entertained lately.

Addie - She had her 10th birthday and since her style and my style are NOT the same I knew I should not be picking her presents.... I took her shopping on her birthday and after a few failed attempts looking at shorts and capris she admitted to me that she didn't want to wear them because of the hair on her legs. Long story short - Addie is shaving. Better said - I am old enough to have a daughter that is shaving. Long gone is my little girl - here comes shaving, makeup, and all of the joys of teenage drama.

Jax - Obsessed with basketball which is not new for him but now he plays junior jazz and it's warm enough to play outside on our hoop. He and his Dad drew a chalk line in a half-circle to show where "Jimmer-range" is. For every shot he makes from Jimmer-range he earns a marble. He plays the perfect role of point guard in his games in a kind of smooth natural way - can't explain it. Just crazy to watch. Scores at least 5-6 baskets each game - and likes to shoot only when his defender is in his face. Hm...

Gray - Has started karate lessons - for those of you that know him well this is PERFECT for him. I felt it was important for him to have an activity just for him that his older brother hasn't done - something he has bragging rights to alone. He LOVES it. However, it's moved into our daily lives. This week he had a conversation with Cristal that went like this - "Can I shoot hoops while you make lunch?" Cristal - "I don't want you outside by yourself. What if someone tries to steal you?" Gray - "I can handle myself. I know karate." Cute Stinker

Emma - After having had staples in her head has reverted back to using a pacifier. However, we do not want her to have it often. Matt plays a game with her using objects that she wants and pretends to pull it out of her ear. You know the game? Yesterday she kept crying and pulling on her ear and we worried she might have an ear infection... Nope - she was just trying unsuccessfully to make her pacifier appear and to pull it out of her ear. She has tried to find lollipops, Mickey Mouse, crackers and her pacifier in that left ear and is SOOO frustrated that she cannot. Cute huh?

Sunday, March 6, 2011


Emma is a hands-on child. Let's just say you can't ever leave her alone and has a DYNAMIC personality. Today's post is dedicated to her - she really ties our family together and we ADORE her... Here are some pics of her...

Thursday, March 3, 2011

At least someone had a good basketball game...

I know we've fallen off the face of the earth... But spring is coming - I am sooo glad! I don't know about anyone else but I could use some actual sunshine! This spring also brings basketball (finally old enough) for Jackson. He has been so excited.....Last night was his first game and he had the best time. He is number 17 picked because of someone on the Jazz I think. Not to brag- but he had all of the teams baskets including a great shot from way outside and played some great defense. He is already looking forward to Saturday. I am so thrilled for him - watching him today with a spring in his step because of yesterday was just awesome.
Emma's staples came out on Monday and we have had some rough nights since then as it still hurts but it's getting better - can't ask for much more. Anyway - enjoy the pics!