Friday, February 11, 2011

It's been a while...

So it's been a while since I've blogged. I think winter has gotten to me. I still don't feel like it and feel stuck in winter blah's but for those of of you that have are the highlights from the last little while-

1. I was released from Primary and am now the Gospel Doctrine teacher.
2. Addie has been working on her upcoming dance recital and as part of a company this year has two dances. She has discovered the love of Friday night late-overs with her Maile cousins which I LOVE because it means I get some time with Abby. One of my favorite times each week when we get to do it...
3. Jackson has been signed up for Jr. Jazz basketball for the first time and is SOO excited. Just finished parent teacher conferences and received straight A's - he was sooo proud of himself.
4. We have attended pretty much every Jimmer show and our kids LOVE it.
5. Emma has dumped mouthwash, shampoo. lotion, toothpaste and even gum into our carpet over the last 2 weeks. She is a handful but totally worth it. She's learned to speak in sentences and definitely knows how to demand what she needs from those older brothers of her's - they may be a little scared of her in fact.
6. Matt is still working 2 jobs and is loving it - staying busy which he loves and able to give back to UVU, his alma mater. He set a New Year's resolution to slim down and has lost 15 lbs so far. I am so proud of him when he comes down and runs with me in the mornings.
7. Gray was just registered for kindergarten and wishes that meant that he starts tomorrow. He is the best snuggler on the planet and loves to try and come and sneak into bed with us.
8. I have had a rough few months at work- not for me- but in staffing and tenant stress. Looking forward to some calm days for a while - fingers crossed. I still love running and run anywhere from 7-10 miles each morning. I plan on running a few half-marathons this year and am working up the guts to run a marathon.
9. We as a family are SICK of winter and cannot wait for spring to get here...
10. Our little family although SUPER busy just keeping up with life and so happy to be a part of our family and as happy as ever.