Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Swimming...and sledding

We were lucky enough to be invited to Soldier Hollow with our friends last night... Our kids had a blast. Especially Gray who decided to not wait for us after riding down one time, but to instead head up the hill on his own, riding the ride that takes you ALL the way to the top, without his parents so he could ride down the hill again. It was a fast hill - I don't think the pictures give it justice about how big the hill is (ask Matt who ran up it to find Gray :))

This is Jax riding down - look at the later picture to see how squished into his sled he is... Gray -

The ride to the top!

Sorry - for some reason it uploaded it twice...

Swimming! Abby was lucky enough to get her feet and lower legs wet chasing after Eva who went for the hot tub WITHOUT floaties. Just what she wanted - wet pants in the middle of winter...

Swimming in the wintertime is one of those things that is so much more fun because it's in a time when you don't normally get it. Like eating chocolate during labor - you're not supposed to so when you do it tastes SOOO much better.. at least that's what I've heard. Well, my complex has an indoor pool and my kids love it. Today the Maile girls came with us! The older three are having a lateover right now (after swimming) and I have some serious MarioKart competition going on in my downstairs living room...

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My baby isn't really a baby anymore...

I've hit a milestone in my life - my baby isn't really a true baby anymore. She has a tooth! I know it's not a big deal, but knowing it's my last baby to cut his/her first tooth - it is to me! And she was not that moody!! Okay, maybe a little, but if this is how teething with Emma is going to be - no problem. She's also trying to stand unassisted and is into EVERYTHING... I have a mover and shaker. Emma also is fed up with baby food - she wants the real stuff. I can't believe it's gone that fast.

It's totally true you know? Don't take anything, not even a moment, for granted because you will blink and it will be gone. I'm trying to relax and enjoy the ride, which for those of you who know me, THAT is very hard to do. I am loving my kids and loving all of their different ages and stages because I know I will not have that with them ever again.

But, I am taking lessons from Abby and listening to her... Although it is not where she wants to be or have happen to her, I am learning from her, she is an excellent teacher and older sister. Abby - we LOVE you. Thanks for being such a great example and for carrying your trials with such grace. It just shows me that you, and even I, can handle anything...

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Okay - I know it's been forever since I've blogged... I don't really have any major news to post! I can tell you that we have crazy lives, don't we all, but that we are SOOO excited for Christmas this year. We had a small parenting milestone in that our oldest figured out the "truth" about christmas. According to Addie, it's just not realistic that Santa could make it to all of the houses in one night. Now she just wants to help eat the cookies and of course know what EACH present is. She's such a grown-up in a child's body.

Emma is almost walking I swear, and she won't be 8 months till next week. She is the HAPPIEST baby now that she can move around. We love that little crazy.

Jackson is playing basketball - as always. He's playing in the front yard, in the living room, has figured out how to bounce them on the top portion of our vaulted ceiling in the kitchen...he has also asked for a hoop that can go on the door in his bedroom. Go figure.

Grayson is so sick of waiting for Christmas to come. How many times does this 4-year old have to hear that he cannot have that toy today but should WAIT to see if he gets it for christmas. The wait is becoming unbearable. He told me today that christmas is never going to come... poor kid. If only he knew how awesome he's going to feel in 2 days.

Matt is loving having the best time starting his part-time job at UV. He will be at all of the bball games starting in Jan. and cannot wait to get his feet truly wet in marketing with them. Bless him right now because he is out installing fence and having a miserable time. Comes with having a job right? Not always the best time but is worth it in the end. We are so proud of how hard he works for us.

Me? I'm loving my job and have a lot, I mean a lot of work to do. I walked into a big mess. For those of you who know me well, you know that I don't mind it and love fixing it. I am basically a parent to my 4, and now 430 other teenagers... I have plenty of moments where I am torn wondering and worrying if I am doing the right thing and whether my kids will suffer from this and from having someone else watching them during the day. I also have moments of complete peace and answers from Heavenly Father that I am doing what I am supposed to be doing right now. I have moments where I feel supported and moments where I feel judged. You know the moments when someone finds out you work full-time and have someone else watching your kids, when they say "Oh..." like that. Love those moments. Actually I hate them...

We are missing our Grandpa Davis... He was here long enough that we got used to having him here! Lucky Idaho family...

So there's the update... I am so excited for Christmas! I have been walking around singing Jingle Bells for the last two weeks because I am so excited for the presents I know are under the tree! Thanks for the tradition Mom!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Sweet Jackson

For those of you who know my Jackson - you know that he has a tender sensitive heart. A mom from another kindergardener from school shared this story with me this weekend about my sweet young man.

So - there is a bully at school - he is not in Jackson's class but plays at the same recess time. He has been a problem for some time - Jax in fact had some anxiety from this boy at the beginning of the year and we talked to the teacher about it.

Last week this bully came up to a boy from Jackson's soccer team and kicked him, when he fell down, he started throwing wood chips on him, and then kicked him some more. Jackson, saw this happen and ran over and laid down with/in front of his friend to take the brunt of the blow. He laid down on the ground and protected his friend, and in fact, was then kicked instead of Braden. When I asked him about it - he just said that he wanted to take care of Braden and shrugged it off.

I am so completely proud of my little man - I know now that when he is gone from me that he is making good choices - that he is learning the correct way to serve and love others. It just exemplifies what a truly good kid he is - I love love love that little boy.

---He also has figured out that when this bully runs by chasing after someone to torment that he can stick his foot out ever so slightly and trip him, or that he can lay in wait on top of the monkey bars during a similar situation and if he times it just right can drop down and take this kid out to protect whomever he was going after next.... Nice Jax.

Sunday, December 6, 2009


So I know that things are awful for Abby right now... And there aren't many times when she feels joy or happiness... However, at the Maile Thanksgiving dinner I was taking pictures of a game Mona and Junior were playing with the kids and caught a picture of this...

It was a breath fresh air to see true happiness - relaxed laughter from her.. We love you Abby!