Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Things I've Learned

So I've learned a few things over the last few weeks. Let me give some background. . . We just took a trip to CDA Idaho for a week and a half for my older brother's wedding/family reunion. We had the times of our lives. I've tried to post as many pictures as possible to let those who were there see them, and those who were not - to see what a blast it was. Okay, things I've learned while there. . .

-It's possible to have the best parents in the world as examples to show you how to successfully make it through 40 years of marriage.(my parents anniversary was also this weekend)
-Uncle Russell has NEVER ending energy and is completely entertaining to children of all ages. They flock to him and you know what? He always makes them feel special - whatever it is they are interested in doing - that's what they do. He's a great example to Matt and I of how we want to be with our kids.
-It's possible for 6 baby girls to be born in one year in one family. . . I got a picture of Harley and Emma who are 18 days apart but that's it. . sorry!
-It's possible, even at my advanced age of 30, to still put my foot in my mouth. And likewise, it is never too late and you are never too old to learn from your siblings and parents on how to be a better person and how to improve yourself. This week was eye-opening for me.
-Uncle Steven Daines has a never-ending sense of humor and brings out the little kid in my husband. . . literally.
-Aunt Cassie has the ability to plan and coordinate an amazing reunion - by the way - you must be exhausted.
-Candy and I have the ability to haul 7 kids up there on our own without any husbands . . . Including taking on a horribly mean guy in Dillon. I still wonder what would have happened if he had dared get out of his car. . .
-There is never an age too old to jump off a dock into a freezing cold lake.
- It actually is possible to get a huge 300 lbs (approx) person stuck in the sand. . . Who knew.
-I have amazing children and amazing nieces and nephews. It is always possible and awesome to add more to the bunch. This last week we got 4 new ones to our family and they are amazing!
-The term sister is not just defined by blood alone. Kami - we love you and think you are the perfect addition to our family!
-It is never too late in life to find true love after years of hardship... As cheesy as it sounds, true love does exist - we are soooo excited for Matt and Kami - the new and expanded Davis family. We wish we lived closer to you guys!
-There is never a wrong time to apologize to someone who is hurt and to make relationships better and improved. . . .
-My Davis family, all members, are amazing and giving people. We had the time of our lives and cannot wait till next years' reunion!

Hope you enjoy all of the pictures!

I posted this one simply for Tim's face. . .

Monday, June 29, 2009

Someday. . .

So Gray just finished watching Karate Kid for the first time. This is what I heard right after -
" Daniel kicked that guy and won. I bet I'll be like that someday. I hope I can . . ."Awesome.

Friday, June 12, 2009

A little sunshine

Yesterday was a long, somewhat stressful and horrible day. At the end of that day - this is what we found outside of our house. Much needed. . .

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Update . . .

So. . . the last couple of days have been crazy busy. Thanks to Aunt Candy we all have spiffy hair, including Addie who chopped her hair off again. Addie goes through hair phases and loves to have a new style every couple of months. Sounds like her Grandma Davis perhaps?? Anyway - Thanks Candy! This picture was taken while she was here and Annie couldn't get enough of Emma in her swing. She is such a cute girl, we love that little Annie. For weeks now my kids have been wanting to go camping. Since we have a newborn, Matt and I decided to compromise and planned on camping in the backyard Friday night. Well, the weather did not cooperate so we ended up "camping" in the living room. This meant sleeping bags and a movie, sounds great to me. . . Here's the beginning shot and the two end results. . . See Gray trying to sleep with matt on the couch in the second one?

Hill Air Force Base 2009 Air show. . . It rocked. We did have a 2 mile hike in from the parking lot but it was completely worth it. The first pic is Addie with McKenzie (her Brousseau side cousin). Matt's dad was in the Air Force a long time ago, so it was fun to have him there explaining the aircraft to us. . . Wish you had been there Tim! The boys were able to sit in a helicopter and try to "fly" it. We also had an amazing air show - hope you can see the jets in the pictures. Just try to click in and zoom in on them. They were AMAZING.

The Javier kids with my boys - - it was fun to have them there too. . .

Emma's blessing. . . Matt's blessing for her was beautiful - some interesting things said that he doesn't even remember saying, including her path crossing with her future husband a few times. . .

My new favorite picture of my little family - Gray actually looked at the camera this time. . . kind of anyway.