Sunday, May 29, 2011

Maile Cousins

I don't know if it's because I had so many sisters that I was able to be silly with but I often feel badly that Addie is the lone older girl in her house. She has her brothers, who drive her crazy on a frequent basis, and her little sister who is her shadow. Addie is incredibly sweet and thoughtful with Emma and I couldn't ask for more.

BUT, she has a special bond with her Maile cousins. Abby is incredible to allow her to have that relationship with her girls and to include whenever possible.... Addie cries when we leave them and tries to sneak home with them in their car, or to hide in their house so she can be left there. I'm pretty sure she would move in with them if possible.

These pictures are a tribute to her irreplaceable and tender relationship with them.


Anonymous said...

See what I mean...beautiful from the inside out...and sch a short time ago they were little toddlers...time is flying by...AGAIN!! Love, mom/gma

dad said...

Awesome girls!!!