Thursday, September 22, 2011

It's Been a busy few weeks!

We've had a busy few months. Emma's graduated from her crib, Gray has turned 6 and had a great birthday! We had the greatest time at Nickel City (perfect place for a 6 yr old boy to go on their birthday) and then to have a bday party with his football team. Notice the TMNT in his bday picture? Courtesy of Ebay from China. True parental love. School has started, I've posted pictures of Father's blessings, first day of school AND of Matt's birthday trip to Texas. Notice how much taller Gray is than his class, again? Hope you like the update. No real order, just pure chaos, like my life right now.

SOOO busy. Loving it.


Abby said...

Man, I just want to jump through the computer and squeeze all those cutie pies! We sure feel lucky to live by you all.

Jackie said...

They are so sweet and adorable!!!

Grandpa Davis said...

What beautiful chaos it is!!! Love you guys!!!