Saturday, February 25, 2012

My boys - getting in touch with their feminine side :)

Couple of fun updates. These updates, stink you blogger, go backwards with the pictures. Picture one goes with number 4. Dang it.

First - this is what happens when we spend time at the Maile's house! :). Second, Addie's science fair project was chosen to go to the District Science Fair. She was thrilled! Third, we learned that Parents are invited to eat lunch with their kids at the school cafeteria. Who knew? I had no idea one that you could do that, and two that Jax would LOVE that and not be embarassed. We went and had the BEST time sitting at the "boy table". And Fourth, we were lucky enough to escape for President's day weekend to a cabin Heber. Gray got SOOO tired that he put himself to bed, with the lights still on.

Great few weeks for our family. Love to you all!


Jackie said...

Such cute pictures. I adore Addie's huge smile!!

The Shavers said...

Yay, thanks for the update!!!

Cristal said...

i have been lying this whole time?!?! ive been telling people that i watch 2 boy and 2 girls... apparently, its just 4 girls here. who knew.